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“We believe that an "interior designer" lives within everyone and we encourage our clients to bring their design style and unique vision to the table.”

About Reed & Acanthus

At Reed & Acanthus, we know that the fabric of people’s lives is both rich and varied and that the home is a true reflection of your personal story. Our challenge as designers is to curate spaces that most accurately reflect our clients’ personal relationships to their surroundings and create a notion of a life well lived.


We believe that an "interior designer" lives within everyone and we encourage our clients to bring their design style and unique vision to the table. We believe that together we can cultivate a customized design scheme that is both beautiful and truly livable.


Blending classic elegance with modern comfort, our design team creates rich, layered interiors incorporating subtle textures and muted hues in each unique project. The result: a harmonious mix of the traditional and contemporary; the elegant and inviting; the understated and refined.

Meet Katharine Kelly Rhudy

Katharine Kelly Rhudy’s passion for design and personal integrity define the culture of her design build firm, Reed & Acanthus. Creating highly livable interiors that are stylish, relaxed, and most importantly, reflective of her clients’ personality, Katharine believes that one’s home should be an oasis in which to live, relax and entertain.


Whether you wish to revive your existing décor or start fresh, Katharine will come to your home and transform your space into an inviting enclave. With an eye for the classically timeless, Katharine uses a minimalist approach, layering textures and fabrics in combination with contemporary and traditional furnishings to construct enduring spaces in a broad range of styles. She is renowned for her casual summer cottages, as well as, gracious formal homes.


Creating refined, functional interiors, Katharine incorporates carefully curated pieces with the clients’ current portfolio of art, antiques, and furniture blending the old with the new to create fresh, sophisticated spaces.


Katharine began her formal arts education at Columbia University, after which she obtained an M.A. in The History of Decorative Arts from Cooper Hewitt/ Parsons. She studied Appraisal Studies at NYU and pursued Interior Design at Fairfield University. She worked at Sotheby’s New York before launching Reed & Acanthus Interior Design in 2001. She is an Allied Member of American Society of Interior Designers and an Associate Member of the Interior Design Society.

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