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Interior Designers in New Orleans: 5 Flooring Trends That Will Be Big in 2024

Southern Living Magazine - Whether you’re preparing to tackle a remodel or are building a home from scratch, flooring is likely top of mind. Flooring is a large investment, so you’ll want to go with a style that speaks to you and doesn’t appear dated. We asked Southern designers to chime in on some of the biggest flooring looks that will be everywhere in the near future, and they share key insights below. 

Patterned Wood Flooring

Move over, plain wood floors. Patterns will be big next year. “In 2024, it's all about making a bold statement with your floors,” explains Katharine Rhudy, the founder of Reed & Acanthus in New Orleans, Louisiana. She says that we can expect to see plenty of chevron and herringbone patterns and is quite pleased about what this aesthetic has to offer. “Patterned wood floors are a classic way to make a bold statement in a kitchen, hallway, or dining room and provide a unique, decorative base for the rest of the room’s design,” she reflects. 

Large Format Flooring

Laetitia Laurent, principal and founder of Laure Nell Interiors in Boca Raton, Florida, notes that large format flooring will be in vogue in 2024. “Terrazzo will always have a design home in South Florida, and once epoxied it provides one large smooth surface with no interruption,” she says. Laurent has also seen large format flooring carry over elsewhere—wood planks, for example, are now measuring a foot wide. 

Classic Carpeting

Believe it or not, carpeting is having a comeback! “Wall-to-wall carpeting has gotten a bad rap over the years, but since we all started spending more time at home in the past few years, there has been a return to the appreciation for the coziness of carpet,” comments Bethany Adams, the founder of Bethany Adams Interiors in Louisville, Kentucky. Adams says that she herself would avoid carpeting in the bathroom, kitchen, and foyer, but it can certainly shine in other rooms of the home. “A nice flat loop wool carpet in a subtle pattern or variegated color can be a really nice base in bedrooms or family rooms,” she explains. 

Mixed Tone Wood Floors

Laura Williams, the founder of ATX Interior Design in Cedar Park, Texas, predicts that lighter-toned floors have less of a presence in 2024. Instead, she anticipates that we will see more medium-toned and varying floor colors. “In recent years, we've seen the trend lean dark and then light; I see the rich mid-tones making a comeback,” she says. 

Natural Stone Tile

Natural stone tile will be having a moment next year, according to Shelby Van Daley, the founder of Daley Home in Cedar Park, Texas. Best of all, the options from which to choose are “endless,” she notes, highlighting the many patterns, textures, and finishes available. “With natural stone you can also mix colors. We are excited to see subtle tones in travertine and limestone, and of course, marble will still be a front-runner for tile,” she shares.


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