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Interior Designers In New Orleans: 7 Ways To Take The Focus Off Your TV In The Living Room

You’ll forget it’s even there.

Southern Living: In most households, the television is a necessary evil. Sure, it’s unsightly, but how else will we binge-watch our favorite Southern TV shows? While you may have already resigned yourself to a life of staring at the big black box every time you walk into your living room, you don’t have to anymore. With these tried and true tips from some of our favorite interior designers, your TV will finally be hidden in plain sight.

Paint the Wall Black

Black walls are always unexpected, and according to Andi Morse, founder of Morse Design in Atlanta, Georgia, they can help “the TV blend into the wall and not become the focus.” In the rest of the room, you can choose to either keep the rest of the elements light and bright or lean into the moodiness.

Buy the Frame TV

Every designer agrees: The Samsung Frame TV, which displays your choice of art when not in use, is where it’s at. “As a result, the boring black box is gone and you have the flexibility to change your artwork,” says Bethany Adams, founder of her namesake interior design firm in Louisville, Kentucky. “Even though it’s pricier than a regular TV, it’s still less expensive than a good TV plus separate artwork or some other elaborate means of hiding your it.”

Make a Statement on the Same Wall

Regardless of what wall your TV is on, Shelby Van Daley, co-founder of Daley Home in Austin, Texas, recommends creating a bold statement: “Depending on your space this could be done with large pieces of art or an eye-catching fireplace surround.” If you opt to incorporate art, Bailey Ward, founder of her namesake interior design firm in Atlanta, Georgia advises that you “scale up the art in the center of the wall and always keep the TV smaller than the art.”

Conceal with a Cabinet or Armoire

Katharine Rhudy, founder of Reed & Acanthus in New Orleans, Louisiana, has hidden TVs in large case pieces like antique armoires, linen presses, or built-in cabinetry. The lesson? When in doubt, just don’t put it out.

Rearrange the Furniture

Why do we make our furniture face the TV? Laura Williams, founder of ATX Interior Design in Austin, Texas, says there’s no real reason. “By having an indirect view of the TV from the main furniture pieces, you can easily remove the focus of the room from the TV,” she explains.

Install a TV Lift

According to Rhudy, TV lifts are growing in popularity, and they’re exactly what they sound like: They can raise the TV out of a piece of furniture or lower it from the ceiling. This space saving option can be spendy, but worth it if you prefer your tech be out of sight, out of mind.

Hang Art in Front

If you love both your current TV and the concept of the Samsung Frame TV, Morse says there’s a way to get the best of both worlds: “Hang art in front of the TV, whether it’s a picture or a tapestry, that can be pulled up when the TV is ready to be used.”

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