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Interior Designers In New Orleans: Chic Winter Decorating Ideas For An Ultra Cozy Home.

House Beautiful: Though it's easy to think that decorating your home for the winter is synonymous with decorating for Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, we do not follow that line of thinking here at House Beautiful. The cold months that accompany the end and beginning of the year deserve their own interior style that makes for a cozy, warm season. While we're not saying that you should switch up everything about your home every time a different season rolls around (after all, you didn't splurge on that Serena & Lily furniture for it to be put into storage after a few months), we are saying that you should change some aspects of your home with these winter decorating ideas when the cold comes along to make everyday better.

As the temperature keeps dropping—and hopefully some snowfall has occurred, if only for aesthetic purposes—there's nothing like coming home from a long day and instantly warming up, both from the heater and from the coziness in your home. It's the little things that make your house a winter refuge, like decorating your mantel or switching out your lightweight blankets for heavier alternatives. And if you have a private outdoor space, you no longer have to worry about freezing on your patio with chic and functional patio heaters.

No matter the area of your home, our list covers everything from winter decorating ideas for living rooms to powder rooms and even the attic. Read below to find a myriad of ways to winterize your home aesthetic and make the cold months fly by.

Accessorize With Fluffy Throws

One of the easiest and coziest ways to get your home suited for the winter is by using fluffy throw blankets everywhere you can. In this home remodel by Truss Interiors, designer Julee Wray added matching blankets and pillows to give this Colorado house a warm vibe as the cold started to settle in.

Bring in Fresh Florals

Interior design studio Reed & Acanthus didn't shy away from using fresh flowers in one of its projects, bringing some nature and color into the cool space. Not every flower you incorporate has to be one of the classic holiday-adjacent ones—there are plenty of winter blooms to add to your bouquet.

Display Your Grazing Boards

One nonpermanent way to make your walls feel warmer is by hanging up your variety of grazing boards for display. Everyone loves a charcuterie board, and in this home remodel by Element Design Network, designer Laura Chappetto Flynn added dimension and color to the kitchen by creating a unique gallery wall situation.

Add Growing Greenery

In this adobe-style home, Wray incorporated a living cactus by the statement fireplace to bring some of the Southwest inside. Cacti are great indoor plants, and bringing one inside to live as part of your winter decor will serve as a little reminder that spring is eventually coming. Plus, it adds a refreshing pop of green to your space.

Repurpose Your Firewood

If you're lucky enough to have a wood-burning fireplace at home, a functional and chic decor arrangement can be made with your excess firewood. Keep it next to the mantel for easy access, but stack it nicely so it can serve as a winter accessory.

Set Up Subtle Garland

Your faux greenery doesn't have to scream Christmas for it to still be a nice winter accessory for your home. Reed & Acanthus added a seasonal alternative to decking the halls by incorporating subtle garland in this bar area.

Put Out an Inviting Decanter

For all the wine lovers out there, take a leaf from Element Design Network's decorating book, and set out a decanter with your favorite red inside. The deep color adds a subtle warmth and classiness to the space you and your houseguests will love.

Decorate Outdoors

Take inspiration from the cold weather and bring your wintery decor outside. This Truss Interiors project is sparse in accessories, but the warm-toned table and cool, darker brown chairs pair well with the general beige hue of the winter months. For some added texture and comfort, add an outdoor rug.

Change Up Your Bedding

A mohair blanket will bring textural intrigue to your bedding and won't break the bank. We're digging this fluffy one in a bedroom designed by Osklo Studio. Also, consider swapping airy summer linens with cotton to stay warm and seasonally on point.

Embrace the Seasonal Colors

Use this pretty and elevated garland in a living room by Charlotte Moss as inspiration. Green is a natural mood-booster, so why not?


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